Welcome to Medipath International, an organization committed to advancing medical education and professional development. We take great pride in hosting exceptional medical conferences that bring together passionate medical professionals from all corners of the globe. Our goal is to constantly provide innovative symposiums that expand the boundaries of medical understanding and promote collaboration worldwide. A prime illustration of our commitment is the remarkable success we achieved with the "Emergency Medical Symposium" held in Sofia, Bulgaria, from October 28th to 30th, 2022.

Join us on this journey as we share the invaluable experiences that attendees gained during this three-day symposium.


Diverse and Essential Workshops
One of the cornerstones of our Emergency Medicine Symposium was the inclusion of several crucial medical workshops. These hands-on sessions allowed participants to enhance their practical skills and learn the latest techniques. Some of the workshops conducted during the symposium were:

Stop the Bleed and Suturing Workshop: Tackling Emergencies Firsthand

Guided by the perceptive Dr. Anton Scheepers, this workshop went beyond theoretical concepts.Participants delved into the art of wound management, exploring innovative techniques to control bleeding and master the intricate art of suturing. This hands-on session was more than learning; it was about equipping attendees to respond effectively in critical situations.

Central Lines, IV, and Arterial Lines Workshop: Precision in Practice

Guided by our co-founders, Dr. Shelly Bakardjiev and Dr Lola Bello, along with Dr. Adolfie, these workshops focused on mastering the insertion and management of central lines, intravenous and arterial lines. Through comprehensive demonstrations and interactive sessions, participants honed their skills, emerging as experts in these crucial medical procedures.

In The Limelight: Medipath International's Emergency Medicine Symposium 2022

Ultrasound Workshop: Elevating Essential skills for Aspiring Doctors

Dr. Shelly Bakardjiev once again took the lead and shared her expertise on Ultrasound. The workshop`s structured approach and interactive sessions ensured that participants could grasp the nuances of ultrasound techniques effectively. This immersive learning experience undoubtedly contributed to enhancing the skills of both medical students and doctors in their early-career.

Reduction and Splinting Workshop: Mending with Mastery

Orthopedic emergencies demand specialized skills, and Dr. Vuldzhev delivered precisely that. In this workshop, participants learned the art of fracture reduction and effective splinting techniques. This practical knowledge equips medical professionals with the ability to provide optimal care for orthopedic patients.

OSCEs: Sharpening Clinical Competence

Objective Structured Clinical Examinations (OSCEs) took learning to a new level. Led by Dr. Eskin and Dr. Allegra, these sessions provided a platform for participants to enhance and polish their clinical skills. These real-world simulations allowed attendees to translate theoretical knowledge into practical expertise, building confidence and competence.

Inspirational Insights from Experts

Maxillofacial Surgery: Art and Science in Harmony
Dr. Anton Scheepers' expertise extended beyond the workshop, offering attendees a glimpse into the realm of maxillofacial surgery. This lecture combined artistry and science, highlighting the transformative potential of surgical interventions on facial structures.

Endocrine Emergencies: Navigating Hormonal Challenges
Dr. Lola Bello's enlightening lecture addressed endocrine emergencies, unraveling the complexities of hormonal imbalances. Attendees gained insights into strategies for managing critical hormonal situations, enhancing their diagnostic and intervention capabilities.

Gastrointestinal Emergencies: Deciphering Digestive Dilemmas
With expertise in gastrointestinal emergencies, Dr. Adolfie's lecture offered a comprehensive understanding of challenges within the digestive system. Attendees were empowered with the knowledge needed to navigate intricate gastrointestinal cases effectively.

Nurturing Future Medical Leaders - Student Presentation Competition:
Medipath International's commitment to nurturing future medical professionals was showcased through the Student Presentation Competition. This platform allowed enthusiastic medical students to present innovative and captivating topics. The competition not only provided them with an opportunity to showcase their ideas but also inspired them to excel in their medical careers.










The Emergency Medicine Symposium organized by Medipath International in Sofia, Bulgaria, was a resounding success. With a perfect blend of hands-on workshops, enlightening lectures, and opportunities for students to shine, the event proved to be an enriching experience for all attendees. As we look towards the future, Medipath International remains committed to hosting more such events, continually striving to empower and uplift medical professionals worldwide. We invite you to stay connected with us and be part of our upcoming conferences, where the pursuit of medical excellence continues.