I’m grateful for the opportunity to be part of something bigger than myself and I am thankful for the sense of purpose, regarding health care and education that has been instilled within me. Medipath has served as a bridge where my clinical knowledge and exposure has been limited with its various workshops and active lectures and being a part of the team has allowed me to interact with physicians and students from various walks of life and backgrounds. I’ve enjoyed every challenge and every victory we’ve had as a team and look forward to making more memories and personal contributions to such a great initiative.

Junior Mills

In a post Covid-19 era where medical school  practicals have been adversely impacted and clinical exposure has been significantly diminished, being part of Medipath International has been a gratifying experience. Medipath’s ethos has remained the same despite an ever-changing academic climate, with the focal point being increased accessibility to good quality education on an international scale.

Being a Medipath team member has pushed me out of my comfort zone and enabled me to broaden my proverbial horizons both academically and professionally, the latter being due to my PR Role in the team. My role as a PR officer has meant that I’ve had to liaise with various clinicians and companies for collaborations and workshops, have regular team meetings to strategise and voice current student sentiments regarding our education and participate in an array of public speaking engagements both in person and online. The above has helped mould me into a more charismatic and attentive student as attention to detail and good interpersonal skills are fundamental requisites of working in a multifaceted team.  

In The Limelight: The bright side of being a Medipath team member